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New Feature: Enable Secure Auto-Discovery of Exports in NetApp with Certificate-Based Authentication

by Dustin Harris – January 24, 2018

Enterprise IT must balance the need to support the business and application requirements and the need to protect the data. Administrators must not only serve the needs of users, but also serve the data protection needs of the organization. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of the backup policies for each share, and to know which exports need to be protected.

Auto-Discovery with Igneous

When you point Igneous at your filesystems, Igneous auto-discovers new exports that need to be protected without any administrator effort. For example, with NetApp, Igneous logs in through the back end to automatically discover all storage virtual machines (SVMs) and associated exports. Igneous also supports auto-discovery with other filers such as Isilon.


Automatically discovered exports are easily incorporated into your policy-based workflows. While Igneous offers a default protection policy, IT can also set backup and archive policies as auto-discovered exports appear in the user interface.

Certificate-Based Authentication for NetApp

We’ve recently implemented certificate-based authentication for NetApp. Simply upload the certificate to Igneous to allow auto-discovery on NetApp. Another way that Igneous can log into the filer is by creating a service user. Both are secure and easy methods of logging into the filer.

Interested in learning more about how Igneous can streamline your backup and archive solution? Contact us.

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